10ft Foldable Container

10ft Foldable Container is a new type of container structure. Size is 2.4 x 3 x 2.7m. It is a modular steel structure. Prefabricated, foldable and small volume. The thickness after folding is only 55cm.

Multi-units can be loaded on a standard trailer and set up and tear down done by a crew on site. With the least manpower and shortest time period, you can build an innovative space.
The 10ft Foldable Container is full of accessories, can be customized to meet different clients’ needs. The connection of the container adopts a bite-type design, high ceiling, can be used in any season.

The appearance of 10ft Foldable Container is stylish and simple, it opens like a box and folds like a cookie. Multifunctional, like offices, apartments, coffee rooms, restaurants, and shops.