20ft Foldable Container

The 20ft foldable container is a brand-new temporary building with a simple and elegant appearance design and a steel frame, which is full of modern fashion sense. It not only provides a multi-functional space but also can be folded and transported on a large scale, which saves transportation costs as well as reduces storage space.

20ft foldable container size: 5.8m × 2.4m × 2.7m, mainly composed of the skeleton (steel structure), anti-theft door, floor (compound wood floor) and the wall (polyurethane insulation board), etc. Upper and down bite design of spliced places, excellent sealing, excellent heat resistance, wind resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, and water resistance.

20ft foldable container advantages:

Safe and efficient-the installation is simple and easy to understand, and the structure is stable. You only need to lift the container to its extended height with a forklift and then arrange personnel to enter the box and push the front and rear end plates outwards to fix it. One-shot molding, quick check-in, saving time and effort.

Strong airtightness-the box folding place adopts the buckle groove design for seamless splicing, and the all-around sealed top corner drainage system ensures that the roof does not leak or accumulate water.

Convenient transportation-when the box is folded, it can be compressed to 55 cm, breaking the limitations of the traditional container fixed structure in the past, thereby increasing the number of the product when transported, which not only saving more than 80% transportation costs but also ensuring that the same batch of goods is delivered to the clients on time.

Strong flexibility-In addition to the fixed steel frame, other accessories such as walls, floors, doors, and windows can be customized and modified. The internal wires are hidden in the structure, only the power socket and lighting are exposed, which ensures the simplicity of the internal space.

Low-carbon and environmental protection-the box can be folded and used repeatedly many times, it’s rust-resistant, and it won’t cause damage to the surroundings, which greatly reduces the generation of construction waste.

The 20ft foldable container has a wide range of uses. It can be used in offices, hotel accommodations, cafes, restaurants, and shops. What’s more, according to the customers’specific requirements, it is designed with various interior furniture to create an indoor atmosphere. At the same time, several boxes can be overlapped and spliced to form a larger space and create different types of design styles.