Mobile Hospital Container


Mobile hospital container uses a folding structure design. Generally, it takes only 5 minutes to set it up. It is only 57cm high after folding and can be easily moved and reused in different transportation modes around the world. You can use medical containers for emergencies such as natural disasters, infectious diseases, and wars that occur around the world. This kind of semi-permanent mobile hospital is suitable for areas where traditional hospitals are difficult to cover.

We use prefabricated steel structure to manufacture medical containers, including roofs, columns, and walls with doors and windows. You can use it like Lego according to different medical facilities. We provide secure and efficient mobile hospital solutions.

In addition to the functions of the operating room, treatment room, and medical equipment storage, our mobile hospital container also can be a workshop to manufacture complementary infrastructure for mobile hospitals. What is more, it can be used as a mobile house, mobile office, mobile kitchen, laundry, and other purposes.


20ft Foldable Container