Military Container Housing


Foldable Container is a new type of assembling and foldable steel structure product. The foldable container housing is manufactured in our factory in advance and would be quickly installed by forklift in the site within a few minutes. The lead time of Military Container Housing is short and the installation of it is easy. It can be used for military emergencies such as office, lounge, storeroom, military command center, dining room, etc.

General military applications require high environmental concealment. The color and design of the sidewalls of Military Container Housing can be changed according to practical application. Full accessories can be available for Foldable Container, such as flooring system, lighting, air conditioner, door, window, furniture, etc. Foldable Containers can be line up or overlay to expand the area. For example, if to build a large area of military accommodation, Military Container Housing can be built in a short time.


20ft Foldable Container

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