Pop Up Container Shop


Although the container mostly closed space, the product designer of Moyi Construction can make it a pop up Container Shop. In addition to the common sandwich panel walls, the walls of container stores can also be equipped with glass walls. This can attract customers to your store. It could be a pop up shop that can be built quickly.

The product designer also told us that the colors on the wall of the pop up container shop can be richer, not only black and white, but also red, yellow, purple, and even camouflage. Of course, you can also design and print some advertisements and pasted them directly on the walls. This design all for catching the customer’s attention and expanding the brand’s publicity.

In order to make better use of the pop up shop for the internal and external space, we can customize the front wall into a hollow glass curtain wall. Also, the internal partition wall could be a beautiful and elegant integrated partition wall, which is used as the LOGO display. You can divide the Container into different spaces for different purposes. In addition, we can provide you with other commercial solutions such as fast food restaurants and coffee shops.


20ft Foldable Container

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