Benefit from the durability and sustainability of shipping containers, more and more people plan to use them as houses. The structure of the shipping containers is simple. One can be used as a room, and multiple containers are stacked to form multiple rooms. But it’s not that simple. The use of shipping containers as houses is still challenging, so we recommend the use of folding container houses that we specially designed for housing.

Our foldable container houses come in standard sizes of 20 ft and 10 ft. Different from ordinary containers, foldable containers can be folded and stored, which can save more transportation space and cost than ordinary containers. It can be easily transported and placed in a variety of locations, and just needs a forklift or a small crane to deploy and build it up. There is no difference in appearance between the unfolded foldable container houses and the ordinary transport container.

More importantly, we have prefabricated walls, doors and windows, and basic lighting facilities. The internal circuit is hidden in the structure, and there is no exposed pipeline trench, which reduces many construction difficulties. Our foldable container houses are also metal modular houses, and you can combine them to build bigger houses.

Container house is a blank box full of creativity, you can inject your imagination. If you have more ideas and questions about building a container house, feel free to contact us for more help.